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Laserfiche Cloud November '21 Updates

This release includes new features, bug fixes and performance enhancements across the platform.
  • 通过电子邮件批准任务

    More easily approve tasks from individuals or a team at once with clickable action buttons embedded in task notification emails.

  • 恢复删除的流程

    Restore deleted business processes along with their respective instances if a process design was deleted in error.

  • 新的冰球突破网站首页模板

    Accelerate solution deployment and support covid recovery efforts with new and updated templates for employee vaccination records submission and management, HEERF student aid grant application, employee contact tracing and contract worker on-boarding.

  • 和更多的!


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Laserfiche 11现已上市

Laserfiche 11 is a major release that brings a number of new features and enhancements for self-hosted systems – including the first out of several planned hybrid-enabled features, 直接分享.

  • 直接分享

    分享内容安全 with people outside the organization with password-protected links that can be tracked and audited centrally in Laserfiche.

  • Improved Form Layout Designer Experience

    Design custom forms more easily than ever with a simplified drag-and-drop experience to put fields side-by-side, 调整字段宽度等.

  • 扩大SSO支持

    Improved log-in experience for Laserfiche desktop-based applications, 比如快速字段, 扫描, Snapshot and Connector with support for SSO and MFA authentication.

  • 和更多的!

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Laserfiche API程序

Check Out the Laserfiche API Today

Use a set of RESTful web APIs to build custom integrations between the Laserfiche Cloud repository and other third-party applications. Get started today by accessing how-to-guides, API reference material and interactive Swagger documentation.


  • Smart Invoice Capture for Self-Hosted Platforms:Automatically extract data from any invoice format using machine learning technology to streamline AP invoice processing.
  • 直接分享增强: Improved administrative control with increased share size and duration limits.
  • Project-Based Security for 冰球突破网站: Manage access rights to a group of related processes, workflows, rules and more.
  • SCIM同步: Minimize manual administration work by adding, 更新, or removing users from Laserfiche Cloud automatically when administrators make changes in the identity provider (e.g.Okta).

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  • 支持

    One-stop-shop for Laserfiche support and 学习ing resources, including access to technical white papers.

  • 帮助文档

    See detailed technical documentation.

  • Laserfiche答案®

    Online social community for discussion about anything related to Laserfiche.

  • 视频教程

    Get step by step instructions with the Laserfiche Video Gallery.

  • Laserfiche认证

    E-学习ing courses to help you become a Laserfiche expert.

  • 资源中心

    Downloadable eBooks, whitepapers, webinar recordings and more.

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