Improve response times

快速摄入, process and file all documentation for financial assistance, 医疗保健, 住房, 和更多的.
  • Automatically extract data from electronic, PDF and scanned forms, eliminating the need for manual indexing, 整理和归档
  • Upload photos from mobile devices and cameras directly into client files
  • Eliminate paper with client e-forms submissions and processing
  • Allow clients to sign documents electronically to reduce processing time

Reduce service delays and expedite decisions

Provide offsite access and automatic updates to case workers, supervisors and other administrators.
  • Send automatic email notifications when a new case is assigned
  • Access and update case documentation on laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Instantly locate any client’s complete, most up-to-date paperwork using multiple search options
  • Route critical cases to an expedited queue with one click

Ensure client security

Assign security restrictions so that employees can only access the files they require to do their jobs.
  • Protect sensitive documents like birth certificates and social security forms from unauthorized access, 打印或导出
  • Track when users open, edit, delete or even attempt to open case files
  • Automatically route closed cases for disposition
  • Provide controlled access of specific case files to other entities

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Integrate with ERP systems

Facilitate information transfer between Laserfiche and existing accounting software.


分享 documents with court management systems, police records and state databases


Trigger the creation of new cases by pulling information from multiple databases


Autofill document fields to eliminate rework and data entry

“By digitizing applications and automating the approval process, we have significantly improved crisis response time. We can sort through incoming documents much faster to determine grant amounts as soon as possible.”

—Community Action 合作伙伴hip of Ramsey and Washington Counties

The New Answer to “Do More with Less”

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